Thursday, October 29, 2009

Happy David Finds an Un-Catalogued Sheaffer (Balance Era) Golf Pencil

All pics in this thread can be enlarged via a click. 

Sheaffer- to best of current hobby knowledge- never catalogued its Balance-era golf pencil in colors as late (era) as Ebonized Pearl. Indeed, the latest color I consistently find (and it is uncommon, though possibly- i must double check- catalogued) is Gray-with-Red Veins.

Given that Balance is the second most prevalent pen in my personal collection, I was quite charmed to spot for auction  this Ebonized Pearl golf pencil. It was part of a set of four items all with same personalization, the other three being of the relatively uncommon "Stubby Standard"  size.

This was the first Ebonized Pearl golf pencil I've seen.   Of interest, the MOP chips run all the way to the ferrule, unlike in other Ebonized Pearl pencils.

Internet chat revealed- and I was not surprised- that a couple other active collectors of Sheaffer have seen such pencils here and there.

Here are all four pieces found at once.  All- again- personalized. All in very clean condition.    The image shows two "Stubby" pens, one with white dot. Note the excellent color preservation. While originally I planned to keep only the golf-pencil, given that all four items have the same name and are quite clean, I likely will keep the set together, even though I have- i believe- both of the "Stubby" variants already.

Just for kicks, below I've shown my current collection of Sheaffer Balance-era golf pencils. The "Autograph" with solid-gold trim (longer pencil) might also be un-catalogued. I am aware of  a similar black pencil, but do not yet own that one.

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