Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Stylus Mag Treats Old Pens Well.


Just home from Atlanta Pen Show and had quite nice time. Picked up some remarkable old pens, and will discuss later, when have time to come up for air. Just about have the next website update up (finally having time again to play with website updates). Just finished text/pics for summer Stylus Mag article. Took more time than expected.

For Summer Stylus issue, I put together a few words on the Sheaffer-Lenox desk sets of 1959. To best of my knowledge, this is the first formal examination of these done in pendom. I recently learned I own all 8 bases, and all are shown in the article, along with significant fresh-to-me catalogue data courtesy of Roger Wooten and Sam Marshall. Here's a sample, one of 11 or so photos in the spread.

I just picked up my copy of the Spring issues, while at Atlanta. I've been doing photos for the mag since the inception, but started contributing a regular column- "Nitty Gritty" (the isaacson approach to pen collecting, I guess) with this Spring issue. Thanks kindly to Nancy for the editorial mentioning contributors including gang-of-four, Paul, Ron, Richard and me. The Spring issue has big article on Snorks by Paul, copiously photo-illustrated and captioned by yers truly. My wee article on Wahl's Equi-poised Purse Pen too I suspect is the first print treatment of that pen. Photos in that one including pens from my collection, Cliff Harrington's and Allen Besser's. Ron Zorn's article on pen repair triage is there too.

I credit Stylus. The mag has a *large* content oriented to the collector, including pen reviews, vintage collecting articles, ink/writing, etc. And, I'll make the push that subscription is a good thing. The website is


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