Tuesday, January 26, 2010

An anomalous Sheaffer Balance

Sheaffer's Balance is the second most prevalent pen in my own collection, following Vacumatic. While I do not hunt it with the same completist bent seen with my Vac collection, I nonetheless greatly enjoy finding "better" pens  and of course unusual variants. Catalogued Balances feature a single cap-band usually of (variable) medium girth, save for the wider solid gold "autograph" band.

My wee hoard of pens with uncatalogued cap-bands includes those with the wide "jeweler's" milled band, double and triple deco band,  and fish-scale band. The double, triple, and fishscale pens are far more uncommon than the other cap-band patterns.

So, I was very happy when at the recent Philadelphia Pen Show, during my final minutes there, I found a variant Sheaffer Balance I'd never seen before.  The contour is that of the humble petite Balance, the slender extra-short model.


This is the first pen I've seen in Jade celluloid to have a double cap-band.

And, amongst pens I've seen with the double cap-band, this is the first i've seen with smooth bands, the others having decorative pattern.

A neat find, no doubt.



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