Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A most unusual 1930's (?) - 1940's Sheaffer

Picked this up a while ago. Goes well with my *striped* gray non-WD version. Daniel has a WD brown striper. A most unusual Sheaffer, one most here perhaps have not seen before. It is imprinted "Sheaffer"

Think about what makes it a bit off the beaten path for Sheaffer from that era.


  1. Um, just guesses:
    1)The lifetime dot seems to be in the wrong place. I'm more used to it being above the clip or at the top of the pen.
    2) The shape isn't right for Sheaffer. They were doing flat-tops and then torpedos. The ends here look more like a vacumatic.

  2. This set kind of looks like that obscure Eversharp Gold Seal pen from late 30s/early 40s (the last Gold Seal model) in the FPN post here:

  3. Hi guys,

    Sorry off-blog the last three weeks. Politics at work (not to mention increased night hours) have left me frazzled.

    Some thoughts on this pen. So far, all i've seen are Canadian.

    The clip is similar to that found on the second-tier Sheaffer WASP line of pens, not on white dot pens and not on pens found with Sheaffer's Balance-line striped Celluloid, a plastic that does appear on this model. The pen clearly is not a Balance, lacking the torpedo shape.

    The high-set clip and the finding of the set (perhaps coincidence of course) in a military-oriented "Active Service" case suggests Canada might have released this oddity to target the military. Just speculation of course.

    I'm fascinated to find a white dot pen, non-Balance shaped, with "2nd tier' WASP-type clip, yet available as a white-dot (high line) pen done too in plastics found in Balance.

    A neat item

  4. Hi David,

    what do you mean by WD? thanks


  5. WD = White Dot (the "lifetime" symbol found (mostly) on caps of high line pens).




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