Monday, June 7, 2010

Had Great Time at Raleigh Pen Show

Thanks to Terry et al for a quite nice Raleigh Pen Show.

Embassy Suites continues to provide what I consider the best hotel environs for pen shows. Huge lounge space for downtime, nice unlimited breakfast incorporated into reasonable room rate. Unbelievable rooms (easily can house three roomies for the show), easy access to everything in the show scene, nice bar, pool, gym, etc.

The auction was great, figure a month hunting ebay compressed into two hours.

Had by far my best pen finding during the 5-6 years the show has run.  The WASP collection posted yesterday at the heart of it, I also found some killer Sheaffer Snorks and couple less-common TM Touchdown pens.

Added two items to my own collection:  1920-ish Parker metal pen in Brocade pattern and 1950-ish Sheaffer Crest Masterpiece (solid gold caps) lever-fill set with  charming inscription.

I look forward to next year

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