Thursday, May 13, 2010

May 2010 Vacumania Website Update is Online. Snorkel Overload


The May 2010 website update is online.  50 or so Sheaffer Snorks and related pens (PFM, TM TD) in great shape, including high end models and "rare" colors.

Direct link to the new stock alone:

Direct link to the Sheaffer 1950's page, showing the above pens plus prior related stock, newly organized (albeit roughly by either model class or color)

The Vacumania home page

Thanks for peeking in. I doubt I'll do another 1950's Sheaffer update of this sort anytime soon, as this drains most of my lurking stock, though pens of this sort always trickle in.  I am at work on another Parker 51 update similar to the Dec 08 "230 pen" update and am at work on pendom's overwhelmingly most massive offering of 1940's Sheaffers, though both these updates are months off.

Happy to answer questions at and indeed shortly should for first time have an email at the address itself.

Boy, I'm tired.


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