Saturday, May 1, 2010

Grand Time at Chicago Pen Show

No pics yet...

Been quite a week. Left work after long run of night shifts for flight two hours later. Brutal turbulence both to layover at JFK and final leg to Chicago for the big pen show. At least I enjoyed couple hours down time in Jet Blue's JFK terminal at Deep Blue, a quite nice sushi bar. Lack of sleep, Caffeine withdrawal, bouncing plane and funny sleeping angle in airplane seat left me well under weather when I arrived at the Westin O'Hare late at 6pm. Slept all night.

As always great to see the pen show crowd though a bit smaller this year than in years past. The most different Esterbrook wedding tonight marked a high point, and Joel Hamilton's work officiating raised the possibility that he missed his true calling.

Even having missed the earliest of early trading (Thurs, while still I was in the air), so far I've found that Chicago has held its own as a top notch source for pen hunting. I found a few for my collection and more than a few for other use down the road ;)   Might be my best hunting yet at Chi.

What sort?

Sheaffer OS Balance "super" Autograph with non-catalog extra wide solid gold cap-band.
Several OS Balances including Marine Green (mottled) Marine Green Autograph and Black with high flex nib.

Wahl OS Gold Seal flattop sets in Brazilian Green and in Black/Pearl
Wahl Coronet set (with Duobonnet inserts) in the best shape i've seen, never mind owned.

Oh, a bunch of Vacumatic Maximae, Red (water clear barrel), Blue, Black(s) and Green
Vacumatic Major and Junior with Flex Nib

Non-Catalog Parker 51 Vacumatic in Navy Gray (Vac era pens were catalogued as Dove Gray)... oh yeah, Near Mint/Mint

51 Demo

Black/Burgundy Streamline Duofold Sr.

Bit uncommon stubby Waterman 55-V with flex nib

Wahl Skyline Executive with broad stub nib.

Solid Gold Sheaffer Snorkel Masterpiece (finally)

all gold-filled Sheaffer Snorkel Triumph stickered near mint

Conway Stewart vintage 51 set in box. Candy Stripe pattern

Solid Gold late Sheaffer Masterpiece

Mint Sheaffer Oblique Broad Triumph nib

Many 1940's Sheaffers, Parker 51's, Vacumatics etc.

and about 70 others.

Having great time. Who knows, perhaps tomorrow will sell a few to replenish the devastated wallet ;)



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