Tuesday, May 11, 2010

PREVIEW: May 2010 Website Sales Update: "Snorkel Mayhem"

Well, the last Update took 4 months to get online. This one... merely a month. I'm catching up on "real life" and on pen stuff. Spent a few nights up last week sorting 1000 old pens either ready for updates, back from restorers awaiting focused updates, ready for shipment for restoration, or (sob) ready for the parts bin. The house gains order.

Anway, this update features a killer focus on 1950's Sheaffers, largely Snorks (including better models and colors of high cachet). The Peris already were claimed from want lists (two of four want lists with them now served).  I should have the update online in couple days and will announce.

Meanwhile, please peruse the image preview.



david isaacson

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