Monday, November 23, 2009

Hey, the "sold" pens are disappearing from the website. You know what THAT means...

I am in the final approach to the next website update. I've shot and (mostly) detailed 120 pens or so, probably with 80 or so to go on the next update.

Besides having perhaps 350 pens  ready for or already in the repair pipeline- keeping me quite busy- I also have had quite the hectic time in "real life" of late.  My hospital has seen some... politics... happen the last few weeks, and while it seems my own role and opportunity there will grow yet again in my work as Hospitalist, I have been... distracted. Sorry if I've been slow to answer emails. Certainly, I would have liked to have the latest update online a couple weeks back.

I hope to maintain updates roughly every six weeks for the next few months. I might do some mini-updates as well with 10-20 pens per pop.  I do have a nice spread of Burgundy Parker Vacumatic and Carmine Sheaffer Balances for the website update to be online in less than a week.


David Isaacson

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