Tuesday, November 24, 2009

PREVIEW for Nov/Dec Sales Update is online.

Welcome to this pictorial preview for the upcoming website update.

"Real life" events of late have kept me diverted from completing the latest sales update, but the darn thing nearly is ready to upload. All the pens I've shot for this update are shown below, along with some that are targeted for subsequent "focused" updates.

While I likely will hold the 1940's Sheaffers and some of the Parker Duofold pens for later updates, and while a couple of the prototype Lady Sheaffer pens have not yet met their nib assemblies, most of the other pens below will be up for grabs in a few days.

This group sees a nice range of Burgundy Parker Vacumatic pens including an early and scarce full-size Vacuum-Filler, and a late and more scarce Canada-only Junior set. Sheaffer Balances see a significant array of oversized pens, and some Snorkels of the quite high cachet are present too.

You can click the pic at the left to load it as a new page (then click/magnify it again to full size) 

The link below will take you to the actual preview page.


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