Monday, November 16, 2009

A "Cherry Red" 1930's Sheaffer Balance "Loaner"

Just some show and tell from my own collection, posted for fun while I sort the pen finds from my the Nov, 2009 Ohio Pen Show.  The red celluloid Sheaffer Balance "Loaner" pen is un-catalogued, unlike some earlier flat-top era red pens of this sort.  Found (so far) only in long-slender form, for it's era the chrome trim is a bit unusual (though not unique) for a non-"Junior"-marked pen.   Far less commonly found than catalogued colors, it often is heavily discolored and often packs rather ugly trim, as the chrome trim- once worn- does not take polish as well as does gold-filled.  This one is rather the gem, still with nib-grade sticker and in superb condition.

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