Monday, November 16, 2009

A Sheaffer Set from the Ohio Pen Show

I continue to recover from both an intense and successful Ohio Pen Show and from the subsequent week of political tumult at my hospital, back in "real life".   I have yet to complete sorting the very many pens purchased at the show, and I am overdue to ship a couple or three hundred interesting raw pens out for restoration.

My bargain for the show no doubt is the set shown at left, and this one goes right into my personal collection.

Sitting on a dealer's desk was this slender (short-ish, thin) Sheaffer Balance set. The price was more than right, despite my pointing out it had uncommon cap-band,  because, "it's just a small black set".  It packs the un-catalogued and quite scarce "fish scale" wide cap-band.  The set indeed is just "small" and in common color, but for me the cap-band rings the bell. 

While I have not counted of late, I doubt I have more than ten pens with this cap-band amongst my couple hundred Balances, and have not seen more than twenty in the six years or so I've hunted them since becoming aware of their existence.

This set is very clean and is the first I've seen in this color/size.

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    "it's just a small black set"

    Yep & a 64 1/2 mustang is just another small car....

    Very nice indeed my man!


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